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My daughter wants to go to college, but with her dad laid off, I told Janey she’s going to have work if she wants to go to college,

“Then help me find a job,” she wailed.

The best I could do was offer some tips:

1. Build a network. Janey’s friends are looking for jobs, too, so now, they share tips on where the jobs are. If Bob, a hulking linebacker on the football team, sees that a local beauty shop is looking for sales staff, he’s more than willing to let Janey and her friends know about it.

2. Be organized. Now Janey keeps an Excel spreadsheet of the names and contact information of companies where she’s sent her resume.

3. Polish your resume. Janey doesn’t have much work experience. Instead, she’s written a resume that highlights her accomplishments, which are pretty impressive for a high school senior. She has several different resumes to target different jobs types: office, retail and service.

4. Research companies. Janey’s used business directories, the phone book and the Web to learn about businesses in our town.

5. Get your resume in the right hands. In addition to attending job fairs, Janey’s called up local businesses and spoken with hiring managers. When something sounded promising, she’s delivered her resume in person, always looking to get some valuable “face time.”

6. Create a portfolio of sample work. For some jobs, it’s impossible to create a portfolio of sample work, but for some jobs it does. For example, Janey applied for a job at a local bakery as a cashier, but she made some chocolate chip cookies and took them to the interview.

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