You Can Find a Job on Social Sites

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Today’s economy is giving everyone a hard time, as the financial crisis has affected all of us. This is why many people have been laid off and the majority of those who are looking for a job are having a hard time finding one. However, there are numerous jobs out there, you just have to know how to search for them. With the Internet being at the tip of your fingers, finding a job is now easier than ever. You do not have to take into consideration the numerous job search engines and specialized sites only, though. Since the popularity of social networks has significantly increased, you can find a job on social sites.

1. LikedIn is the ultimate social site when it comes to finding a job. This online platform reunites numerous job seekers and has about 35 million users. Recruiters and job seekers are also users of LinkedIn, so do not hesitate in posting your resume. Searching for a job on a regular basis is also recommended, since new job opportunities arise every day.

2. Plaxo is another social network you could use when searching for a job. It even resembles LinkedIn a little, in the sense that you can create a profile with a section about you. You also have an address book that keeps track of your contact information. The best feature of Plaxo, though, is being integrated with Simply Hired, a job aggregator that searches for job sites and companies and aggregates them into a single location for you to explore.

3. Twitter is one of the best networking tools in the world and it breaks down communication barriers by allowing you to talk to hiring managers yourself. Just make sure that your Twitter account is supplemented with a blog or LikedIn account, because employers will never call you for an interview based on your Twitter profile alone.

4. Jobster is a networking platform that is not as renowned as it should be. You can use Jobster to network with employers offering jobs, to upload your resume, embed your video resume, tag your skills, and showcase links to your site. Search for available jobs and when finding them, see who the person who posted the job is and add them to your network in order to find out more about the position.

By signing up for these social sites, your chances to find a job will definitely increase. Other social sites you can use additionally are Facebook, Craigslist, MyWorkster, VisualCV, JobFox, and Ecademy.

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